Daily Prompt: Discover

It took me a long time to discover that if I wanted life to get better.

I had to make some changes and right now I feel like I’m being tested so hard.

That my mind and heart are fighting for something to make sense.

The noise so loud it’s taking all the strength in me to hold it in.

I want to be able to discover so many things in life but, I have to get pass this moment to be able to get to the other side.

Where the noise is no more and it is silent except for the softly playing music that helps me escape.

And I start to believe that what I know now will lead me to discover the real truth I’ve been searching for.

Any day now I will smile back to this moment and breath in the fresh air and be grateful that I went through this all.

For where I will be will be great and well deserved.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




Daily Prompt: Discover

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