His anger

is eating him alive as he realizes his losing more than he can take

he didn’t think she would walk away without a goodbye.

But, she did and it sadden him for he never meant to close her out but he was so angry at himself for what he did.

That he just knew she wouldn’t accept him now that she saw the anger he had been hiding this whole time.

But, he was wrong as he saw the hope in her eyes days before he heard the news.

He didn’t know what to do but he knew he had to do something or he would lose her forever.

He tried to reach out to the ones close to her and with some luck he found out when she was leaving and what time she needed to be at the airport.

He dressed nicely and got to the airport early and waited nervously for her to arrive, an hour went by and the anticipation was killing him.

But, soon he saw her friend Tina car pull up and then she got out and got her bags and hugged Tina good-bye.

She was so beautiful with her long curls out and wrapped up from the cold and windy morning weather.

But, where he stood he could see she was not herself and it hurt for he didn’t know if he was because of him or something he missed out on.

The minute she walked into the airport and started to walk to check in, he moved quickly to block her path.

And as those brown eyes looked up at him with shock and a slight grin appeared on her face.

He knew he had made the right move and so he spilled out all the things he should have said to her before they grew apart.

And in the end she said she forgave him and she hoped they will stay connected while she was gone and she hoped nothing but the best for him and would see him in a month or two.

That was the day their friendship grew to unbreakable and she forever remembered that day he risk it all just to make sure they stayed close and true to each other.

For he knew she always had his back like he had hers and, so they became more than friends, they became family.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes