At my limit

With you right now, I’m annoyed and just over it.

Words can no longer express how I feel for no amount of words can fully describe how your acting.

The anger build up inside me and it’s not just for me but for others that you have burned.

I feel like I want to protect them and not let you harm them with your words.

But, something inside me stops me from saying the words I need to say to break you down a couple of steps.

I have never known someone to be so nasty before.

Your words are toxin and your heart is blacker than coal.

Nothing you do or say proves to me that you care enough to stop.

You just pretend like a child that you have done no wrong and should be forgiven.

But, honey I can forgive but I will not forget and if I wasn’t  the person I am in today.

I would have told you off by now and let it be done for you will never have my trust or respect.

This world needs love and not your ugly hater to continue to grow.

I am fighting for the good and trying to stop all the wrong and the ugly in life.

I have grew up and have put away my childish ways, when will you do the same?


Written By: Deirdre Stokesimage