That lay out a perfect poem

won’t come to me as Writer-block strikes again.

My lack of creativity drains my hope of writing out some worthy to me.

Time goes by so fast and nothing comes to me, words you have vanished from my mind and my lips.

As I sit in silently by myself finding no inspiration from anything.

The wind blows so hard outside that as it blows around me everything I wanted to say is ripped right from me.

I try with all my might to get those words back by the wind is so strong I can’t seem to find the strength to go on.

So I run inside to the warmth my body and mind needs but, still the words don’t come to me.

Wordless and the fear of not being able to find something to say is strong.

I just need a couple of words to start me off and then I hope I never run out of words again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes