Daily Prompt: ostentatious

He wanted to ostentatious her with his new boots.

He knew this winter would be bad and he needed to be able to walk through the snow and help her out.

No matter what, he had been her rock during the spring & summer and, now he hoped she needed him for fall and winter.

He had high  expectations that she would choose him this time and stop the cycle of dating and determining on people who won’t reliably like him.

So as he worked hard to keep her attention and be a gentleman, he didn’t expect her to do anything for she impressed him the minute he laid eyes on her.

But she shocked him when fall came around and she showed up at his place asking for help and lunch date.

You see he never needed to impress her with his new boots for his action spoke louder to her than anyone else’s.

She saw how helpful he was to everyone and, not just her the pretty girl next door.

His heart was big and she had always choose him but needed to realize on her own that it was her time to be happy.

And she was ready to settle down now and not worry about how their love story would end and just enjoy the start of something new.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt:ostentatious