Daily Prompt:Lofty

So proud you are of all that you have done

but not to proud to not stop and help others.

You have overcome so much that you don’t see things the way you used too.

You now see in others what no one saw in you, that they all have great potential and just need a little push to get there.

You don’t give up even when your mad or disappointed in the decision they made.

You wait for them to slow down and truly see they are worth so much more than their mistakes.

And those mistakes don’t make them a bad person.

You are proud of them for they continue to fight the battles they have in their life.

And one day you hope all the hard work they did to get to the person you always saw in them.

That day will be the proudest moment for you, for it will feel like your first son became a man.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt:Lofty