Thought  words would save me from this world.

I see the beauty in all that is around me but when I sit down

and read the words of others.

I feel connected to those words and my creativity is inspired and,

I become eager to write something because if I don’t this feeling won’t go away.

And I won’t  be satisfied until I accomplished the goal my body was telling me to do.

I am one with my words and when I feel that I have poured all that I can into a piece I feel good and at peace.

Writing lights a fire inside me that grows stronger when I’m inspired or just amazed at all the great work I read.

To be able to get lost in a book, a poem or a movie is like stepping away from my world for a little bit and truly opening my eyes to something new.

To feel like that word or words has changed me in a way I couldn’t change myself on my own.

I’m different and I see the things and people I love and sometimes I see the things I’ve been ignoring and I try to do better.

For my words and other words are more powerful than I thought.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes









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