Daily Prompt:Primp

She primp’s her hair hoping things will work out tonight because it’s  usually a fuzzy  mess.

But today for some reason every curl falls down to her shoulders with no issues and stay place all night long.

Tonight wasn’t just any night, it was the night she first met her first love.

And tonight was the first time she would be apart from him in 34 years of marriage.

She didn’t want to cry anymore for the memories of him out weight the sorrow of him leaving her only a year.

She had learned a lot since being on her own, So many people being there for no matter what.

Now, She gets  to spend sometime remembering the night that turned her life upside down and the best way.

A day to smile about and look beautiful for not long from now she will be joining her live up above forever.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Primp





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