Daily Prompt:Faded

I faded away from your life and I wonder if you even noticed. I was gone or did you wait until you saw an old photo with my face on it and then you remembered who I was. I stopped wonder what you would miss the most when I’m gone. Probably long before you remembered…Read more »


It finally happened, I broke into so many pieces that no one knew if I would be able to be put back together again. I didn’t want to feel at all this way but there comes a time when you truly have to let go. And fall so far that the anticipation of the fall…Read more »

Daily Prompt:Chaotic

The chaos begins soon with all the sales start people all over the place. Cars speeding down the road trying to get to the stores early. People all over the place trying to find their ways and hoping they can get the best deals of the year. No time to be confused or lost cause…Read more »