Daily Prompt: Volunteer

You see Ms. Rosethron wasn’t the nicest lady in town.

But, Frankly Frank had nothing better to do so he volunteered his Friday nights to helping her out around her yard.

He knew it would be hard work since  Ms.Rosethron Couldn’t get around anymore the way she used too.

Her yard looked like a jungle and Frank had a lot of work ahead of him to do.

But, he put all he had into making her yard just the way she wanted it.

It took a month but he got it done and would stop by every now and then to keep the yard nicely trimmed and mow the yard when needed.

You see Frank fell in love with the yard when fully restored to its natural beauty.

And even though Ms.Rosethron never asked him to keep up the yard work.

She always greeted him with a smile and when she died.

She left Frank the house and all the money he would need to up keep the house for the next fifty years.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt:volunteer


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