Daily Prompt:Millions

There are always millions things going on in life.

That we can’t or can control and it’s never just you going though them.

When it’s good and when it’s bad there is only one person I want to have my back.

And that’s my lord God and I wouldn’t pick a million other people over him.

There are a million reasons I should believe in him and, I’m sure there are million reason some one else could say I shouldn’t believe and trust in him.

But,I  say haha for if I had the time I’d show you the many things that worked out for me because of him.

My life is worth more than I could put in words because of him.

I won’t settle for a millions of dollars or reasons life could be better without him.

Because I know these earthy things don’t have a greater hold on me than he does.

I’ll take my chances of being happy a million times over with him and my struggles a million times over with him.

Because alone I couldn’t do half of what I’m doing now or handle it on my own now.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Millions