Daily Prompt:Subdued

She felt sad when looking at you that morning because, she felt

the weight of a loss friendship coming her way and she just didn’t know what went wrong.

The laughing and joking around and just enjoying each other company seemed so great and just seemed like everything had been so good just yesterday.

But today the breeze that blew through you together was nothing but unfriendly, she couldn’t even stand to look at you for she knew that hurt would shine right through.

She didn’t want to see you and she hoped that she could avoid you until the day came that she didn’t care anymore.

But, the truth is that day wouldn’t come for her heart was too big and even when she was hurt by you.

She still cared and as she tried to shake these subdued emotions away, it was hard for her to see you again that day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt:Subdued



2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt:Subdued

    1. Wow, its kinda shocking this piece could relate so closely to something you experienced. But than again sometimes we each experience the same situation with some else in this world.


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