It was a

strange and frightening night as Halloween night came to an end. The streets were deserted and nothing was around but this eerie orange fog that just swallowed up everything in sight. Parked cars on the street were hard to see,it was like something was  coming. But, what it was or who I had no clue.…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Giant

The giant hole in her heart waits to be filled with so many wonders. She didn’t think the hole would ever be filled. She didn’t search for the things, she knew would heal and fill her pain. For she knew she would never find them on her own. But, as time went by some pieces…Read more »

The melody

plays on and on and in that moment I’m lost in the music and my emotions are growing. As  the words fill my mind and I’m lost in time. My fingers hit the keys and the words fly from my mind. As the melody guides me to my next piece of work The words connect…Read more »

Daily Prompt:Rearrange

I rearrange my words in hope to write something great And sometimes the rearrangement plays off into something amazing. It’s like the words become real in front of my eyes and connect with so many people. In so many ways I didn’t think possible. As each rearrangement of words come together I wonder if they…Read more »


Birthday to me. A day celebrating that I lived another year. It’s great to be able to have this blog and to be growing as a writer and as a person. I appreciate all my friends and family for saying happy birthday to me and I’m glad to just have a day to relax and not…Read more »


You get is what you see There are no big surprises going to pop out of no where. My words are what they mean, there are no hidden messages between the lines. Maybe sometimes I’ll take it easy on you but won’t step back from being me. I’ll tell you right upfront that I’m nice…Read more »