Daily Prompt:Rearrange

I rearrange my words in hope to write something great And sometimes the rearrangement plays off into something amazing. It’s like the words become real in front of my eyes and connect with so many people. In so many ways I didn’t think possible. As each rearrangement of words come together I wonder if theyContinue reading “Daily Prompt:Rearrange”


You get is what you see There are no big surprises going to pop out of no where. My words are what they mean, there are no hidden messages between the lines. Maybe sometimes I’ll take it easy on you but won’t step back from being me. I’ll tell you right upfront that I’m niceContinue reading “All”

Daily Prompt:Transformation

The night you transformed into a white owl and flew away. Was one of my favorite nights but,now things are different for you can fly away from things. And in stuck here wondering my days and nights looking for you or some kind of hope. I want to transform into something so I can exploreContinue reading “Daily Prompt:Transformation”