They all


Said I would be able to amount to something great if I just stuck to the plan.

But, whose plan am I  to follow when God takes me from a path of no hope and nothing but disappointment and lack of faith in him and myself.

Which left me empty and alone with no light to guide me out of this darkness because, I  wanted to believe that we had the same dreams and goals so it would workout for me too.

But, God had other plans for me and only I understand for your still fighting me on how I  live my life.

Yet, in the end I will be happy and satisfied and you will still be wonder why  didn’t crash and burn.

The truth is you’re not suppose to know all the answer for my life and I  know you care but its time to let go and let God take care of me.

For my story is already written and I’m ready to live it out no matter where it leads me because so far the downs have helped me grow.

The ups are telling and showing me to trust and the answer will come for the results are  more than I could ever hope for.

My dreams have changed and I’m not the girl you knew three years ago, my story has changed and I’m so grateful for I’m living the life meant for me,and me only.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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