Daily Prompt: Panic

Time flies by and you don’t want to worry

that nothing has gotten done.

Because you fell asleep and no matter how many times

you open your eyes, you still don’t want to get up and get started.

The day is mostly gone and you just sit there wondering what

you could have done better.

But what’s the point of panicking now when you could just go back to bed

and maybe tomorrow when you get up you can finish it then.

So morning comes and your alarm goes off and your out of bed so fast

you don’t even look to see what time it is, because you don’t have a second

to spare.

So you race around getting everything put together and an hour later your all done

and as you take a breath.

The panic feeling slowly goes away for you got it all done with hours to spare, for you set your alarm for five am and you didn’t have to get up until seven am.

The panic of leaving it to the last-minute wins out again and as you go back to bed with a smile on your face.

You sleep until it’s 9am and you leave on time for the surprise party you didn’t even know was planned all along just for you.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Panic


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