Daily Prompt: Stump

I’m stumped by the words I want to come out but they won’t and maybe that’s a good thing.

Because the last thing I need to do is say things that don’t need to be said for my reply will be like broken branches flying at you in lightening speed.

As I chop you down piece by piece like a tree becoming a stump, no longer the tall beautiful tree that gave away shade but a stump that is not even one foot tall.

You’re no longer noticeable as we walk by you day and day.

But then one day out of the blue, you became more than a stump as a little tree started to grow out of you.

Making you a little pretty again as I walk by you I smile as a new form of life grows through the stump that life was cut down when it died.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Stump