Tears on the

ground as you try to bring me down with your words

that poured down on me like I’m caught in a  rain storm.

The words never seem to stop as your voice became so harsh and cruel I didn’t see an ending to this torture you were putting me through.

before you could  tear me down to nothing but shredded pieces of who I used to be.

I won’t let you turn me into some ice queen who stares right through you and everyone else.

I shut down  completely as you continue to go on as if I needed to be taught a lesson.

As my tears began to dry up, I realized why was I wasting my tears and energy on you, when I knew this wouldn’t last.

So as I send you on your way, I like to say thanks for the time but now it’s time for you to go.

Because the sun is coming back out and the storm of your cruelty is over and this rainbow is coming out to shine again.



Written By: Deirdre Stokes