Daily Prompt: Eclipse

I wait for the eclipse to happen a rare occasion it is.

As the eclipse starts the once bright moon is now covered with darkness.

And it reminds me of what you used to be like

so bright you shined with your bright smile and, the little twinkle that was always in your eye.

You were  so full of life and didn’t ever give up without trying it at least three times.

When you walked into a place for the first time everyone would instantly feel the change in the environment.

So much joy and happiness you gave to everyone you walked by or spoke today.

Then one day something happened and a curtain was closed around your light.

And in its place was someone who didn’t say anything to anyone and, if you did speak it was such a dull voice.

No light or energy shined in you and what was left behind was shallow spirit of such a joy.

And now it is such a rare occasion to see the true you again.

What a joy it will be.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes