They all

  Said I would be able to amount to something great if I just stuck to the plan. But, whose plan am I  to follow when God takes me from a path of no hope and nothing but disappointment and lack of faith in him and myself. Which left me empty and alone with no…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Disagree

I didn’t want to face the facts that I don’t agree on Anything with you anymore. The simple things that used to make me laugh every time you said it now just piss me off. How did it come to this when it seemed like yesterday that we were getting along and smiling and laughing for real…Read more »

And that’s

Just who you are my shining star You light up the sky when it’s so dark. They say you’re not like the others for you shine so bright that even in the daylight your light stays on. People are in awe of you and want to know why you’re so different and, some call you…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Unfinished

Unfinished Business Unfinished words not yet spoken. As time goes by I don’t know if I will ever get the chance to say this to you and I try daily to just tell you and to just finish this now. But the words unsaid just feel so much better left inside my head yet some days…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Dilemma

I’m stuck on this rock and I have only two choices And that is set into the nasty unknown water to get to The other side. Or hop on to one rock at a time and be fast enough that nothing In the water gets me. No choice sounds good for me and so I stand here wondering if I…Read more »