Daily Prompt: Expert

You were the expert at almost everything and you loved it.

For everyone was always coming to see you for answers and, once they got it they would soon leave.

But, you soon realize knowing everything isn’t as fun when you’re alone.

No one stays to talk to you or even ask how you are or how have you been.

It’s just I need to know the answer to this or that and I need it now.

You start to wonder if you weren’t the expert of it all, would they  want to be your friend.

So you stop giving answers and some leave to find someone else to give them knowledge.

But, to your surprise some stay and you give them advice and friendship.

You lived on spreading your knowledge and now that  you knew your worth.

It helped you live on knowing who was there for you and who was there for your knowledge.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes