I can’t look

One eye open one eye shut as the scary part of the movie begins.

The scary sounds are so loud that you jump when something happens.

As you build up the courage to look with your hands still covering your face just in case something frightening happens again.

In the darkness of the movie theater no one sees you so afraid and you relax as the guy runs away from the evil cruel woman.

As the movie plays on you begin  to think what if that could happen  in real life and you start to not want to sleep for you fear it will get you.

So you sleep with one eye open and one eye closed and hope you can get through the night without the things on the movie scene haunting you.

But, that doesn’t workout and you fall asleep with both eyes close and nothing happens but a good might of sleep.

For some movies don’t all become true.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Free Flow Fridays: One-eye-open-eye-shut


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