Daily Prompt: Cheat

Why did he cheat

Why did she cheat

Why do they keep making the same mistakes with these people who have no desire to feel bad like you do when your caught and a relationship is ruined.

If you wanted it to end, why not just say the words its over I’m sorry but instead you shove some girl in my face or some guy in his face.

So in the end the fire is burning bright and that favorite shirt is burning and all the photos of you and him are broken.

As he screams in pain

As she screams in pain

No one was left not broken that day and yet you’re begging for forgiveness and for her to take you back.

And she says she will forgive you but she wants noting more but to forget you and move on.

And over the next months she slowly begins to rebuild and the memories of you cheating are fading and she or him can smile again.

For you cheated yourself out of a friend or the feeling of living without the guilt that haunts you for her sad face is forever scarred into your memory of that day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Cheat