Daily Prompt: Mistake

I want to say it was a mistake the night the stars twinkled in the night sky

and your smile shined so bright.

The night we stayed up so late that I was so tired the next day, the time I got

to spend with you was worth a thousands nights of bad sleep.

We talked about everything and connected on so much it seemed like the time spent apart was all worth it for this moment.

How could I say this was a mistake because I’m so tired that my eyes can’t stay open for one more moment.

I would be a fool to say the loss sleep was more important than spending time with you and, to tell you the truth I’d do it all over again.

Sometimes  the word mistake isn’t needed because you were happy to spend that time doing what you love or spending it  with someone you care about and in the end the memory of the moment will live on.

Whether your still friends are not.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Mistake

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