Daily Prompt:Jeopardize

It was a dark windy night when Craig and

a group of his friends went into the forest.

They thought it would be cool to take their daddies

night vision goggles and go out in the dark night and

find the secret cave.

That opening can only be found on the night of the blue moon.

As they creeped through the well covered forest, Billy the youngest of them all shivered as the night wind came through his light jacket.

As they neared the little creek in the middle of forest which lead to the final two paths they would have to find the cave.

Craig said let’s go right but Billy knew left was the right way and, before he could speak up everyone went right.

As Billy ran after them to stop them, a fog came up and he couldn’t move as he heard the screams of his friends.

The one time he hesitated jeopardized the lives of his friends as they had all fell into the whole where the black bear lived and, he sure was hungry.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes



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