Daily Prompt: Eyes

Your eyes I could stare at forever 

there the color blue like a breathtaking 

view of a clear clean ocean.

They light up when you smile and dim to really

dark blue when your mad or sad.

You look at everyone with so much openness with those eyes of yours.

You never seem to want to hide your emotions behind these eyes.

You’re not afraid of being emotional and yet you are the strongest guy I know.

You don’t back down or give up on anyone to quickly.

Your eyes are the first thing I noticed when I first met you and your eyes are always the last thing I see at night.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes 


Daily Prompt: Eyes

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Eyes

  1. What a beautiful poem, yes the eyes are such an amazing part of the human body. It’s the one which betrays lies, lights up when they see a loved one, and show emotion when you’re trying to hide it. I love reflecting about eyes, well done once again! 🙂

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