Daily Prompt: Fierce

People called her fierce because she knew what she wanted and maybe she was little aggressive sometimes but she always wanted things done on her time and her way. She wouldn’t allow others to get in her way for she knew she was capable of doing many things. She was strong mentally and physically and…Read more »

Wordle #248

I climbed the hills to hide away from it all To close off the noise that left the scars that still burn so strong. It’s like the fire that never seems to burn out And so the light flickers on and on. The prophet had a vision that predicted the naked truth that my sins…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Vice

I stood there watching you struggle with your biggest weakness. And I so badly wanted to reach out and help you conquer this problem so your life could be so much better. But, you pushed me away as this habit became more important to you than I did. Your days were dark and lonely and…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Expert

You were the expert at almost everything and you loved it. For everyone was always coming to see you for answers and, once they got it they would soon leave. But, you soon realize knowing everything isn’t as fun when you’re alone. No one stays to talk to you or even ask how you are…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Cheat

Why did he cheat Why did she cheat Why do they keep making the same mistakes with these people who have no desire to feel bad like you do when your caught and a relationship is ruined. If you wanted it to end, why not just say the words its over I’m sorry but instead…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Mistake

I want to say it was a mistake the night the stars twinkled in the night sky and your smile shined so bright. The night we stayed up so late that I was so tired the next day, the time I got to spend with you was worth a thousands nights of bad sleep. We…Read more »