Daily Prompt: Crisis

The moment was so intense the

air was hard to breath.

As the difficult decision had to be made

and I knew the words would crush you into dust.

The world you had existed in all your life was beginning to disappear and you had to decide if you would go with it.

The decision felt so right but torn you apart at the same time.

And as the tears fell down your face, I stood there supporting you and with the decision made.

A week later you said your finally goodbyes and we drove away leaving the trouble of your old world behind.

Leaving them all behind in our dust as we drove off those dirt roads for the freedom we  so needed to keep surviving.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Crisis











3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Crisis

  1. The feelings and actions in this piece are so universal that this could have taken part in virtually any (dusty) part of the world from small town America to war-torn North Africa, to farmland India, to outback Australia, to remotest Outer Mongolia, to my own back doorstep. Such a lot of emotion in this world, yes?
    Kindness – Robert.

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