Daily Prompt: Elusive

Trying to find time to see you has been elusive

and as time goes by its like your slowly fading away.

Your like a favorite poem printed out on paper only to fade

and become hard to read over time as the paper ages with the memories

and thoughts of you.

At first it felt sad to not  be able to talk to you much but overtime

like a fresh wound it begins to heal and the sadness slowly faded into


And even though I still miss you sometimes, life goes on and I will always

have the memories of the time we spent together.

The laughter and the tears, the hugs and the words that felt so true at the time.

My heart will always have an elusive place for you, but I’ve accepted that you won’t

come back and it time to finally let go.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Elusive

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