Daily Prompt: Carefree

I want to be carefree right now and not worry about anything.

Put my hair down and let the wind blow all my stress away.

I want to skip down the street and not let the worries of it’s too hot out right now.

I want to be a carefree child again and not have the worries or thinks of an adult.

Oh carefree spirit come back and rescue me so I can be set free from this worrisome life.

So I can smile again and laugh without thinking about what’s to come.

To be lost in my silly carefree joyful moments, oh how I miss you.

hopefully I will see you again and life will be the best, for carefree moments are the breath-taking moments that don’t feed even with age.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Carefree

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