Daily Prompt: Frail

It was such a beautiful day outside

that Sam just had to go for a walk.

As the sun was out and shining bright

and the birds were singing and everything seemed so wonderful.

That Sam didn’t notice the little gray cloud who was waiting in the background with a smile on its face.

Waiting for the rain to come and ruin Sam’s day.

And so a couple of hours later the rain came down so hard that Sam had to run to find cover.

And he could find was a small run down cabin and didn’t really want to knock on its door.

But, had no choice if he wanted to get out of this horrible storm the cabin was his only hope.

As he reached the cabin he could see little candles burning in the window.

He knocked on the door and a little old frail lady opened the door.

She smiled up into his face and offered him to come in out of the rain.

And Sam was never seen again.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Frail


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