Daily Prompt: Storm

They say the worst storms come out of nowhere and there is a little warning of it coming and when it hits, it hits hard.

I stand outside in the open field as the storm inside me starts to build up its strength.

As it gets stronger I can feel my insides begin to heat up.

As I’m being pulled in so many directions, I don’t know who to yell at to stop the pain.

It’s becoming too much as the walls in my life crumble to the ground.

The force is so strong I’m knocked on my butt and, I know the smartest thing to do is lay down and  not get back up.

But, I’m to stubborn to let anything keep me down.

And as the pain shoots though every part of my body, I take each step one at a time.

I keep fighting and even when I fall I get back up for this storm inside of me won’t be the end of me.

No matter how many storms are to come next.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Storm