Daily Prompt: Journey

Life is a journey that can sometimes be rocky.

Like a cruise once you’re on there is no getting off.

So as the boat of life takes you on a journey. That  will most likely be one big surprise after another.

Just laugh when it gets to the point of no return and you just really want to get off this darn boat.

But hey, hang in there because the destination is always worth waiting for.

The journey is always full of test and joys in life so always stick it out because, we’re all on a journey towards something.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Journey


7 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Journey

  1. When I read back my old report cards from school, one of the phrases that stands out is ‘could do better’. Unfortunately, I had no idea what my teachers meant by it. Life, and the things I did in life were just so complex and … multiple that I just could not, at the time, work out which aspect of it all they were referring to. So I just carried on as I was.
    Now, many years later, life is still complex, with an enormous variety of parts and I sometimes imagine that I know what is going on in a few branches of that complexity, but, unfortunately, poetry is not one of them. All I know is that some poems resonate with me on a deep level – and this includes many of your poems, Deirdre. But some poems leave me … vaguely unsatisfied – and this is one of them.
    Beyond that, I can tell you little else. If I try to analyse this poem like prose, I run the risk of you saying that you did not write it to follow those rules, because it is from your heart and speaks of paths within you that are not rules-based, but are heart/soul/spirit/feeling-based. If I tell you that I am unsatisfied when I read it, then you could rightly say that these are the precise emotions you wanted to evoke in me and so the poem has achieved what it set out to do. If I were to tell you that the poem is shallow and full of platitudes, then you could rightly say that this is because my heart is shallow and full of platitudes and that I will naturally say what I see. So all I can say is something crap and unhelpful like ‘I think that you could do better, because I have seen you do better’, and it will be as unhelpful to you now as my report cards were to me then. I’m very sorry.
    So, now I know how my teachers felt all those years ago. And you have taught me a valuable lesson, Deirdre. And I thank you from the bottom of my shallow heart.
    Much kindness – Robert.

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    1. Lol, your welcome and I don’t remember hat inspired me for this piece but thanks for the feedback and no hard feelings on not liking it. I think that just motivates me to do better. So thanks! 😃😛

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        1. lol, I definetly overthink sometimes too. But I think with writing more poems now that I just have to trust what I feel is right when I write. Also, I can always come back and fix or change a poem I wrote. 🙂

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