Daily Prompt:Guest

As a guest of someone’s house, you may be nervous because

you don’t know what rules they may have as you walk through those doors.

But you try your best to respect them, as you walk in like you’re in a crime scene

and you try to avoid the expensive things like it’s the evidence to a crime.

And no way do you want your finger prints on anything that can and will be traced back

to you if it ends up broken or validated.

You sit down when told where to sit out of fear those white couches aren’t meant for guest or, when they tell you to take off your shoes at the door.

You begin to think about do my socks match or did I check for holes and oh no my feet smell or shoes and will they be able to tell.

The horror of embarrassing yourself at their house and never being invited again or, it being so boring that you don’t want to come back but they invite you again at the end of the night.

One could be delighted to be a guest or horrified of the possibility of finding something out that will change them forever.

Being a guest sometimes is nerve wrecking but, sometimes you get lucky and you end up having the best time.

So be very cautions but once inside relax a little and enjoy the time of someone making you feel welcome for a chance.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Guest


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