Peel me like an orange and I
Will relieve my many layers.

Of who I am and some layers
Will surprise you.

For I hide things well and maybe
That will be a good or bad thing for you.

But I had to survive and so many things
You didn’t need to know about.

The only one who knows in and out is my
Lord who has gotten me through it all.

The reason I can smile and live my life
With my head up high.

My layers are still folded up like a rose
Before it blooms and maybe one day it will unfold for someone special.
Until then my layers are closed off and a mystery to them all.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Layers

Published by mywords2228

I love to write poetry and reading tons of books. I've starting to explore writing fiction so I hope you enjoy my work.

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