Daily Prompt Clouds

  Clouds rain down on me and wash my sorrows away. Clouds come out and play with me on a sunny day. Clouds entertain me on a boring day with your many shapes. Help me find an elephant or a boat floating high above me as I lay on the grass sky watching. Clouds you’re…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Tourist

You love traveling to new places and seeing new faces. Everything locals take for granted you shine light back on them. You bring joy to the towns you come to visit even if it’s just for a day. You get people talking about the place they love and you get them to share their history.…Read more »

My take ar Wordle 115

1. Smash 2. Tiresome 3. Perfidy (deliberate breach of faith or trust; faithlessness; treachery) 4. Corner 5. Phallus (an image of the male reproductive organ, especially that carried in procession in ancient festivals of Dionysus, or Bacchus, symbolizing the generative power in nature. Anatomy. the penis, the clitoris, or the sexually undifferentiated embryonic organ out of which either of these develops.) 6. Deface…Read more »

The overload

So much space between us that everything seems so unreal as time goes on. And I’m left empty-handed and the longer this goes on the longer I fall apart. But every time I see you I try to put on a brave face and stand straight and put a smile on my face. And hide…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Water

The heat is turning up outside and my thirst for  water is high. As the water hits my throat, I am refreshed and I can embrace the day with the energy I need. Water wash over me, cool me down with your touch that will make me forget the heat that has tortured me all…Read more »