We all have a life and live in a place

Where people feel the universe is guiding them.

Or some believe and trust in God to guide their life

And is a step away from the evil and sin on this earth.

No matter what we believe or trust we all want everything

To go well in our life and to feel like we can or will do everything

Out little hearts desire.

And maybe we will, for our life is everything to us and the universe exist

In our world.

We all feel someone is our everything and we would do everything in our

Power to help them and hopefully they will do the same for us.

This life we have is precious whether we believe in different things for we

Are all no better than the other.

And in the end we all have decisions to make that will have different results

But were all just trying to live our lives one step at a time.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Life, The Universe, And Everything

Published by mywords2228

I love to write poetry and reading tons of books. I've starting to explore writing fiction so I hope you enjoy my work.

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