My Paradise

Is lost to me

for I never seem to get the time

to relax and think about a place to call my Paradise.

If I had the time I would arrive at my Paradise and the

first thing I would see would be the beach with it nice sand

and, blue clear water from the front of the resort I’d be staying on.

My Paradise  would have free complimentary Alcoholic beverage as you pull up in the

shuttle that picked you up at the airport.

The lobby would be grand and open space  with a large all crystal chandelier hanging

from the ceiling and, the walls would be white & gold with clean white tiles.

A grey rug would lead you up to the receptionists desk  where you key for your room

would be waiting for you, once you checked in.

And your room would be so luxury, that when you open the door the fresh smell with a little hint of mint will greet you as you get settle and sit on your bed for the week or two.

You will be delighted on how soft the bed is and the sheets feel so soft like what you feel the clouds in the sky would feel like.

As you quickly fall asleep from the long day of travel, you can’t wait until tomorrow to feel the sad between you toes and water washing over you as you take a nice swim in the ocean.

And when that joyful moment is over, you can’t wait to explore this island and resort you are on and to be able to forget about your troubles and just for once focus on relaxing and enjoying the time of your life.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Paradise Lost

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