The one who destroys men!


She is so flawless that it’s like a landslide of beauty from her hair to her neck and ending at her waist.

You were moonstruck by her looks, that she melted your torch in one look and you become so helpless. And it was so sad to see you fall apart with one look you were a goner my friend.

And like the damask design of her beautiful summer dress, she tore you apart and put your heart in the vignette design of her journal with the other broken men.

She destroyed  everywhere she went, she left mothers crying for the sons they used to have but now only thing they have left is an empty shell of what their sons used to be.

No man or boy is safe from her evil ways, even when you think you’re safe.

She will show up and grab you by the face and like piece of dust she will blow away the

man you used to be and left in your place will be a wide-eyed man with a hole in his chest is where your heart melted away.

The amount of men she goes through on her journey of destruction should be a metaphor for every poisons snake is the same no matter how beautiful it is on the outside.

The bite will always kill you and melt your soul away.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Wordle-110-May-23rd-2016 word challenge


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