The Nightmare

It all started with me leaving the house

That night, it was so dark and silent

Too silent if you ask me but I kept walking.

As I entered the forest that night all I thought

About was this is the quickest way to your house.

But as I got deeper into the woods, I swear something

Touched my jacket.

But it was just a branch I hope, yet I couldn’t bring myself

To look back and find out.

For I’ve heard the stories of the hands and teeth that come out in

The night.

But I’ve always laughed it off for no ones really had proof to prove

If it was real.

However, as I got closer to edge and could see the light on your front porch I’ve never been so happy and relieved at the same time.

Then it happened so quick, something grabbed me and as I was jerked backward

I heard something say: “don’t fight us, you belong to us Dawn and its time to connect.”

I started to really freak out inside but I  fought smarter this time and as I ripped myself away from my old blue jean jacket.

I looked back and I saw the hands holding my jacket, they were tan human hands and above them were teeth.

Sharp teeth and they were smiling at me, and even though I knew I had to run and get away.

I knew I needed proof, so I quickly took out my phone and snapped picture after picture.

Until they came at me again, so I ran as fast as I could and I didn’t stop until you opened the door.

Peter: Dawn what’s wrong, you look like you seen a ghost and where’s your jacket its freezing out here?

Dawn: They took my jacket and I didn’t see a ghost, I saw the hands and teeth in the forest. Oh my gosh Peter the stories are true!!

Peter: No way, I’ve lived here my whole life and nothing ever got me in that forest Dawn. You must have brushed up against a branch and got scared.

Dawn: No Peter, it wasn’t a branch and i’ ve got proof to prove it too you.

Dawn pulls out her phone and shows Peter all the photos and Peter no longer doubts what she told him.

But he fears what she said the teeth said to her,for Peter’s grandmother has lived in this town all her life.

When he was little she told him  a story of her Native American tribe from the past.

And in that story the tree’s take a girl every 16 years, and use her youth to make the forest thrive for as long as she lives.

As all the pieces come together Peter knows his friend would soon be gone, he hugs her and tells her it will be okay and they must rest for the night.

When Dawn has fallen asleep, Peter goes to his grandmother to seek advice and a way to help Dawn.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes




For the # May Book Prompts-The Forest Of Hands And Teeth


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