The Library

It had been a long day of researching

And  the quietness of the library helped me focus

For the first time this semester.

I felt good to not have to rush to pull this paper

Together, and it was quite an interesting subject.

But as I looked up from the book I had been reading

And checked my phone is was almost  8pm and I was starving

But as I collected my stuff, something brushed  past me.

As I looked up no one was near me but I just shook it off and

Left, hoping the cafeteria was serving something with chocolate

For dessert.

As I finished my dinner and looked in my bag for my keys, they weren’t there but I had them at the library.

I swear I had picked them up, ugh I can’t get in my car or my apartment and the all is too long.

I have to go back to the library now,  I walk as fast as I can go to get there even though it doesn’t close until 1 am.

I’m getting tired and just want to go home, I reach the library in no time and quickly take the elevator to the third level and walk to the end to the abandoned  table near the window out looking the park.

As I look around I spot the keys in the corner underneath the table, and as

I reach down to get them something touches my back.

And whispers, “ I will take your soul to keep, forever if you don’t help me get out of this place.”

I hit my head, as I rubbed it with my right hand I grabbed my keys with my left  and got up, only to see a pale face staring out me.

I can’t move as my body begun to shake with fear, the pale-faced boy opened his mouth and.

Said: “You have two months to get me out of here or you will be enjoying next semester with me in smelly old library forever!! And this isn’t  a dream the last girl didn’t take me serious and she’s haunting the second floor of this place.”

As quickly as he spoke, he was gone and I  was left alone to figure out how to save my soul and finish this semester without failing.

Because if I could get it all done, I might just transfer out of this place.

But, first I need to find the poor girl haunting the second floor and save her as well.

For my friend Susan disappeared last semester and the second floor of the library was her getaway place.


To be continued………… Maybe


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Library of souls


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