Warm bodies who are you?

Warm bodies cuddle together on a cold night

Warm bodies try to brave the heat

Of the sun shining down on them.

Warm bodies work hard to make a living

To be inspired, to create something new.

Everyday they get up and walk up the hill

And fall on their knees to see what life has for

Them on the other side.

These warm bodies are called human beings and

They have so many names.

They grow up trying to be more than someone would

Say they could be, for they wanted to be  better, stronger, wiser.

Only to end up in place a little better than before they went

Off and dreamed about the life  that seemed so possible if

They just believed in more than what they can see.

These warm bodies enjoy many things and they really just want

The things in life that are meaningful, and a place to call home.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the #May Book Prompts-Warm Bodies