How we connected and kept Connecting!

 Photo courtesy of Photos by Laura


I didn’t know we would connect this way

for I didn’t think we would end up being friends.

But for some reason I wanted to be your friend so bad

for the connection between us was strong before I truly

knew you.

And then we bonded over something we both were dealing with,

and knowing someone else was struggling like I was seemed to help.

Me be strong and continue on.

Over time the friendship grew and you were like family to me

and when we were apart  the connection was still strong.

Even when the connection was strain, nothing truly could make

it break and as we grew up the connection changed, but we still

seem to connect even when our lives take us on different path.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Free Flow Fridays with Laura topic was Lets-connect

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7 thoughts on “How we connected and kept Connecting!

  1. The picture and the first line: ‘I didn’t know we would connect this way’ did it for me. When you think of how we all depend on wires in one way or another for our communications and connections – especially those of us who haunt the blogosphere more than our flesh and blood lives.
    Well – it just makes you think – that’s all.
    Thanks Deirdre. 🙂

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