Daily Prompt: Vision

My vision of who I want to be isn’t clear.

But my vision to see myself for who I am

is some what clear.

For I know my personality and my character

and yet I still question myself at the end of the day.

If my vision was clear and the path my life is to be on

I had known from the start.

Would I really be looking at the other things in life?

Or would I be so focus on what I must do, that I don’t slow down

and enjoy the things that are just breath-taking, or allow myself to take steps that are off course but worth stopping for.

My vision of how my life will be or could be is unclear

but my vision of being able to see so much beauty and experience

many things in life by seeing them so clear is so bright and expanding.

Maybe the vision of my life will become clear for me one day, but for now

I sit here and enjoy all the distractions.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Vision


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    1. Thank you, I’m glad my piece made you stop and think about your own life. I think that’s the great thing about writing is it gets you really thinking about things.


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