How to be free

First accept who you are, for what’s worse than not feeling

free in your own body.

Do what your heart desires and trust yourself when you feel

It in your gut.

Let your mind  set you free when your voice  gets you

In trouble.

Never ever let anyone tell you, you’re not good enough for

No one knows your talent like you do.

And even though you know so much, you still not afraid to ask for help.

So many things you feel free to do in this world.

Like reading and writing, researching things that interest you.

Listening to music or making music, music has so many sounds and we all are free to make it on our own.

Then you have the ability to make the quality and quantity of things because

You want too.

Freedom is all we want when it comes to life and there so many shades of

What we call free or feel free.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


For the# May Book Prompts-Fifty Shades of Freedom


6 thoughts on “How to be free

  1. Funny, how you should talk about music!

    Are we really, or just living on the line of societies rule,

    wandering throughout another set of rules made by humanity..

    i know for myself, to be free, is not possible in today’s world, probably never in humanities world until the end of time! Then probably never in human eyes..



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