So many Generations

Out there

So many types of ways you should be living or could be.

It used to be get married at 18 and college wasn’t as important as it is now.

But some still married young and maybe college isn’t for everyone.

So much pressure on each generation, that someone is always disappointed

In the outcome.

So much judgment and not enough faith in that they will make it if you let


No matter what generation you are, you’re living your life and no one can control that.

Good and Bad things happen and sometimes we can not control the outcome

But that does not mean to give up or cause more chaos to the problem.

In each generation someone gets hurt or maybe many get hurt, and

Yet in the end it doesn’t matter the who, but the why  and that we stand

Together in a peaceful way.

Generations to me =love and family, mentor, friend, stranger, hero, history etc.

Generations will always be around and will always leave a piece of who they were in each and every one of us.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Generation

6 thoughts on “So many Generations

  1. Some really great thoughts there. Self belief is crucial and a great booster pad.

    I know we can be eager to publish/post but always take the time to read then read your write .

    I found this – ‘No matter what generation you are, your/’re living your life’

    It is easily missed in our exuberance! Nice write.

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