Daily Prompt: Shadow

You’re my shadow

You follow me around

When it is sunny outside.

And I enjoy seeing you

Grow before me as I take every step.

You used to be little, when I was a little girl

Skipping down the sidewalk.

Then like a blink of the eye you were grown like me

And we walked down the street with the determination and

Confidences of a young women.

My shadow you have always been there and

I hope to continue, to enjoy taking walks with you.

As I become an old women and our walks become

Shorter I know when I look down I’m never alone

For you are always there my shadow, until the very end.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes


Daily Prompt: Shadow


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Shadow

  1. I enjoyed this but thought it was spoiled by the lack of attention to grammar/punctuation: your/you’re and its/it’s it is etc. I hope this is helpful, and again, nice write.

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  2. Hi, I found this but was thrilled that you soon made those changes. I cannot see a contact anywhere for you so put what I found here. If you ever need any help let me know.

    Confident of a young women / Confidence of a young woman.

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