We all have a life and live in a place Where people feel the universe is guiding them. Or some believe and trust in God to guide their life And is a step away from the evil and sin on this earth. No matter what we believe or trust we all want everything To go…Read more »

Daily Prompt:Circus

Sometimes life can seem like a circus Because, you’re juggling so much at once that, Sometimes it seems like your part of an act. And sometimes someone is always  telling you to do something, As if they are your ringmaster and you’re the lions trying To buy yourself some time to figure out how to escape…Read more »

To be Brave

  in a new world For you just open your eyes And everything is new to you. The person holding you for first time Has such kind and loving eyes. As they stare down at you, and you have to be brave and stare into those Eyes and entrust yourself to them for as long as…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Blank

Before you got to know me I was like a blank sheet of paper. To you I was a mystery to be solved For you had to figure out if I was worth writing on. You didn’t know anything about me and so that page Of memories and facts about me were very slim. Everyday…Read more »

Daily Prompt: Orderly

To be Orderly is to be tidy. And just maybe some days That’s hard because you’re  tired And at the end of the day. Sleep is all you want for your Eyes are heavy and you can’t Seem to fight it no matter how Much you try. So you rest and when you wake You tidy up like…Read more »

My Paradise

Is lost to me for I never seem to get the time to relax and think about a place to call my Paradise. If I had the time I would arrive at my Paradise and the first thing I would see would be the beach with it nice sand and, blue clear water from the…Read more »

The Ocean

is where I want to be and I wish it was just down at  the end of the lane. For I would go see the ocean every chance I could get. To stare at the blue water  and to feel the sand between my toes as the water wash up around me as I enjoy…Read more »