Here I am

with my  arms wide open

ready to let it all in.

I’m not afraid to put it

out there my words, myself.

As the sun shines down on this day

I am who I am suppose to be and I’m

so full with truth, with love and understanding today.

That I feel like I could burst any minute now and

shower you all with the light and joy inside me

that I want to smile at you all.

And hope my smile just breaks through the sadness,

the disappointment, the loneliness or whatever emotions

your feeling.

And make you feel like even when you feel like it’s too much that

I’m here a friend, who may be a stranger but true to knowing life

may not bring a smile to your face everyday.

But that you can pocket my smile, and my joy, my light and pull it out

when you feel yours isn’t quite strong enough today.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes

(Inspired by listening to a song called: Rooftops-Jesus Culture) Registered & Protected 


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