Writing Prompt: Melt With You/ Music

This piece was inspired by Free Flow Friday’s by My friend Laura a fellow blogger ,it’s a great event. Click here for the event: Free Flow Friday’s

I’m trying to see through the mask you put up as soon as the music came on.

You try  to just fake the fun and move to the beat.

Until we become lost in the moment as we move our bodies to the beat.

We smile at each other for a lifetime as the day melts away.

As we enjoy the melody of this song together.

Even when we grow apart, I’ll think of that moment and smile about that time we had together.

We will always have that song, that day and those smiles that melted away our troubles that day.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 



9 thoughts on “Writing Prompt: Melt With You/ Music

  1. Great storyline taken from the music prompt. I wanted to read more…. 🙂 and thanks for the kinds words shared about this platform. I appreciate your support in many ways…. 🙂

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    1. Thank you and your welcome. This has been very helpful with my writing and I just want everyone out there in the blogging world. To be able to expand and explore their talent with such a great support opportunity. Which I think this event brings.

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