Finally at my fullest!

I feel like I’ve been missing me

And as the  music pours in I’ve awaken.

From this fog called distraction that had me fooled that I was living to my fullest.

The days that seem so good, just seem like they could have been better.

With the light shining down on me, what a joyful feeling

As everything lights up and warms to the touch.

For I once was a dark forest that was too scary to approach.

Now I’m a grand garden that light shines down on and flowers bloom and birds sing.

And at night I’m full of lights that twinkle like the stars in the night and you come and sit by my side and you are not afraid  that it’s nighttime.

For I’ve made you feel safe and peaceful day and night, an endless time of joy to come.


Written By: Deirdre Stokes Registered & Protected 


14 thoughts on “Finally at my fullest!

      1. Note to self – write a little about what inspired me to write my poems and stories. I assume that I will remember forever when they are fresh in my mind, but … you know – the tide may go out – who knows.
        Thanks Deirdre.

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